Chris Sanders


At work, co-workers and employees began appearing unannounced at Chris’ office door to share their fears, hurts, and struggles. Chris listened. He shared scripture. He prayed with them. Customers began to do the same, right in the middle of the sales floor. Chris talked to God with them, asking for God’s help, for peace, and for healing. The more Chris did this, the more he saw God heal bodies and lives. The more he saw God make himself real and known to people, even in the middle of a store, the more he realized that churches are for training, and workplaces and markets are where the real ministry happens. His driving passion is to encourage believers to not be satisfied with HEARING the stories. Be BOLD and let God create His stories through you!

Chris serves the Bridge Church as an Elder and as the Connect Team Director, where he can be found every week leading our Hospitality, Greeter, Usher, Security, Parking, and other support teams.

Chris comes from a long line of pastors. He studied Music and Pastoral Ministry at North Central Bible College, and Business Management and Marketing at Colorado. In addition to serving in pastoral, teaching, and other church leadership positions for many years, Chris is a business leader, conference speaker, voice over artist, and published author.
Chris and his wife Debra have been married since 1996. They have two amazing sons, Taet and Titan, each with their own amazing stories about what happens when you are BOLD enough to let God work through you wherever you go.
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