Our mission is to bring the love of Jesus outside the walls of our church and into the community. We shouldn’t wait for people to join our church in order to share the good news of Jesus. The church should meet people in their mess, brokenness, despair, and serve them with selfless love just as Christ would. Love is an action not just a feeling and people are changed by that action of love and by the Holy Spirit working through believers.


The vision for Bridge Outreach is to have multiple branches of ways to spread the gospel. We want to minister to the poor on the street, broken families, weak vulnerable children in foster care and saved from trafficking, the forgotten in the jail system, local schools in our area, and the addicted that need chains broken. We can do this all in the mighty name of JESUS. In order to do this we need the body of Christ to rise up and take a role in these areas and to invite others to do the same.


Here are the current outreach opportunities we have available:

The Bridge to Hope

The Bridge to Hope – (transformational housing ministry)

The Bridge to Hope is a Phoenix based ministry offering housing to homeless single mothers while partnering them with a local Christian faith community to sponsor them emotionally, physically and spiritually through their 2 year program.  The volunteers work to reverse the devastating and long-term effects of poverty and homelessness among single mothers and their children.  Our programs and services are focused on empowering single mothers to maintain the family, enhance their skills so they can independently care for their children and integrate back into the community.

VOLUNTEER: To join our Bridge to Hope wrap around team you will need to fill out the forms and pass a background check.  Being a volunteer entails signing up to be on a rotation to take our mom and child to church and back home, grocery shopping, appointments, laundry mat, 3 times a month get together with the sponsored mom/child and team (dinner and or activity), providing for all their needs (diapers, clothing, etc.) and building a relationship to be there for the ups and downs and encouraging her in Christ.


Identifreed - Trafficking Outreach

Identifreed exists to reach the outcaste through the love of Christ. To love them where they are and remind them of their identity in Christ.  This ministry goes out on the streets Tuesdays at 6pm to rescue women from trafficking and homelessness.   We need men and women volunteers as we minister to men on the streets as well.

VOLUNTEER: Just show up at 13637 N 32nd St. Phoenix, AZ 85032 (5pm-6pm load the bus, pray, worship, safety rules, and depart on the bus). A form is to be signed before hitting the streets.


Prison Fellowship and Angel Tree

Prison Fellowship works to restore America’s criminal justice system and those it affects. We help men and women replace the cycle of brokenness that landed them in prison. We advocate for justice reform and activate grassroot networks to do the same. We equip wardens to bring restorative change to their facilities. We care for prisoners’ families and help strengthen the bond between children and their parents who are behind bars. We call the Church to lead the way in caring for those impacted by the criminal justice system. And we do it all from a biblical worldview.

Angel Tree provides the love of Christ through Christmas presents from the inmates to their children. Angel Tree also provides free sports camps and camping for the kids throughout the year.

VOLUNTEER:  To join Prison Fellowship you will need to fill out a packet to get badged to enter any AZ prison. If you have a dark past and have even made it to prison yourself this DOES NOT disqualify you from being accepted, just be honest on the packet questions.  Volunteering for this ministry means showing up once a week and working in a small group with a specific type of curriculum with the inmates.  It is important to build trust and relationships in order for Christ to one day do his work in their hearts.



Ohana is a leading social services agency that provides both residential and support services for foster youth and adults with special needs throughout the state of Arizona. ‍ It is Ohana’s belief that everyone deserves to be in a family like home with a loving and caring support system. We create homes where children and adults will be able to find meaning and purpose for their lives, with their dignity upheld, and individual differences embraced.
At Ohana, we have an integrated, evidence-based approach and provide a multitude of support services to help each person reach their full potential. These supportive services include helping foster youth find adoptive families, programs for older foster youth to be successful into adulthood, work and job readiness programs, transitional housing, and mentorship programs.

VOLUNTEER:  To join Ohana you will need to fill out the forms and get fingerprint clearance.  Afterwards you will be invited to the foster care group home to meet your sponsored child.  You are required to take this child to go have FUN and connect 4hrs a month (minimum).  Building relationships with these kids, heals the hurts of abandonment and trauma; as everyone around them is paid for it and it’s not a voluntary choice of love.


Embrace Grace

Embrace Grace exists to help inspire and equip the church to love and encourage single and pregnant young women and their families.

Women experiencing unexpected pregnancies receive practical, spiritual, and emotional support through our global support groups.

Through our message of love, we are helping women see that they can have their baby and their dreams too! Being pro-life is a stance, a belief system, a vote. And it’s important. But being pro-love is an action, the boots on the ground, the hands and feet of Jesus, the church. Together, we can make abortion unthinkable.

VOLUNTEER:  Join our next small group curriculum with pregnant single moms, build a mentorship relationship with the pregnant mothers,  serve at an event like the Baby Shower or Princess Day, and or gather donations/needs.


Embrace Legacy

Get Support. Be empowered. Create a new legacy. Meet other dads in a judgment-free community of men who want to help you reach your goals. The manliest thing you can do is fight to be the father you always wanted or hoped to be … but you don’t have to fight alone.

Embrace Legacy exists to help inspire and equip the church to love and encourage single dads and their families. Men receive practical, spiritual, and emotional support through our global support groups.

VOLUNTEER:  Join our next small group curriculum with single dads, build a mentorship relationship with the dads,  serve at an event like the Baby Shower or Dads Day Out, and or gather donations/needs.

Choices Pregnancy Center

Many of the young women and men we serve are at a crossroads in their lives due to an unplanned pregnancy. They face one of the most important decisions about life at a time when they feel theirs is unraveling. They fear rejection, condemnation, and isolation from their family, friends and social circles. At Choices, we understand that the ultimate decision is theirs to make. Although we don’t refer or provide abortion services, we provide a safe place to talk, explore options, seek medical services, learn about available resources and hear about the hope available to all of us for a better life.

VOLUNTEER:  Mentor and be a support to the moms that come to our church from the center to join our Embrace Grace curriculum small group. Also serve in opportunities at the Choices center working directly with clients, in the office, or special events.

Resources: Hope & Healing (post abortive care class email: hope@choicesaz.com), emergency baby supplies, LifePath classes for men and women and so much more).


Short Creek Dream Center

Short Creek Dream Center is a 40-bed residential life skills program and community engagement social services program that exists to equip, overcome and restore hope through education, ending hunger, and empowering the communities surrounding Colorado City, Arizona.  This establishment use to be Warren Jeff’s houses that held captive his 78 wives (24 of them being under 17yrs old).  One of the ex wives turned this home into what it is today! Praise God!

VOLUNTEER: Twice a year our church goes on a mission trip to Short Creek Dream Center.  There we share the love of Jesus with this Polygamist community by doing service projects and preparing events for the families who have fled the FLDS church/life.


Bridge Street Outreach

Every 3rd and 4th Saturday of the month our TBCOutreach team heads out to streets; in order to spread the gospel and love of Jesus Christ to the less fortunate. Believe me this will bless you more than you know.

3rd Saturday of every month (Evening Outreach) : 5:45PM at The Bridge Church – caravan to 914 W. Hatcher Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85021 (in front of Sunnyslope Community Center) and leave by 7:30pm

4th Saturday of every month (Morning Family Outreach) : 7:50am at The Bridge Church – caravan to Bonsall Park (59th Avenue and Bethany Home Rd, Glendale, AZ 85301) and leave by 10:30am

Street Coordinator: Josh Nichols (480) 826-9888

If you would like to donate non perishable food items, hygiene, or clothing we would greatly appreciate it!! Please contact Josh with any donations.

Urban Outreach

U.S. missionaries with Assemblies of God works together to minister to the darkest, impoverished, and drug infested cities of America.  Empowering homeless, poor families, inner city kids, and youth with the word of God and encouraging them to use their giftings to go into the world and spread the love of Jesus.

Come out with us for street outreach by going to: 1441 W Glendale Ave Phx, AZ 85021  (Thursday – 5:30 pm and Saturday 11am)

Tuesday 6:30pm Church service and dinner provided after (help cook, serve, or just join service).



Recurring Events

Below is a list of events TBCOutreach attends weekly/monthly:

    5:30-8:30PM – Trafficking Outreach with Identifreed
    Life Bridge Resource Center
  • 1sd SATURDAY (every other mth)
    OCJ Kids Service Project
    8-10AM – Emergency food box packing at St. Mary’s Food Bank
  • 3rd SATURDAYS (morning)
    9-11AM – Hope Bag Assembly at Mountain Park Church
  • 3rd SATURDAYS (evening)
    5:45-7:30PM – Homeless Outreach / meet at The Bridge Church
    7:50-10:30AM – Family Morning Homeless Outreach / meet at The Bridge Church




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