Our mission is to bring the love of Jesus outside the walls of our church and into the community. 


We shouldn't wait for people to join our church in order to share the good news of Jesus. The church should meet people in their mess, brokenness, despair, and serve them with selfless love just as Christ would. Love is an action not just a feeling and people are changed by that action of love and by the Holy Spirit working through believers.  



The vision for Bridge Outreach is to have multiple branches of ways to spread the gospel. 


We want to minister to the poor on the street, broken families, weak vulnerable children in foster care and saved from trafficking, the forgotten in the jail system, local schools in our area, and the addicted that need chains broken. We can do this all in the mighty name of JESUS. In order to do this we need the body of Christ to rise up and take a role in these areas and to invite others to do the same.  




Here are the outreach opportunities we have been able to do so far:


Bridge to Hope - A Transformational House Ministry 

We have partnered with Bridge to Hope by sponsoring a mother and baby to have her own apartment as she works through this 1-2yr program to get on her feet.  The Bridge to Hope Mentor team is there to show her the love of Jesus, disciple her, care for her and baby's needs, take her to appointments and meetings, bring her to church and bible studies, know her past hurts and hang ups and remind her of the new future she will have in Christ. If you would like to join the Bridge to Hope Mentor Team please click [ASK QUESTIONS] below to email Shana.





Bridging the Gap Urban Outreach

Reaching the lost, Preaching the Gospel to the poor, rescuing women from the life of drugs and prostitution, and planting inner city churches.  We partnered with Bridge the Gap Urban Outreach by joining them in their fight against the dark forces of spiritual evil.  There are many opportunities to serve here;  going to the streets with Beauty for Ashes Prostitution team or the homeless outreach team, donating to the needs of water, food, hygiene, bibles, or giving your time in volunteering at their women's shelter.  Please click [ASK QUESTIONS] below to email Shana about joining the Bridge Outreach Team.





Here are some ways to get involved in Bridge Outreach:


Tuesday 6pm - Homeless Church 

Order of the evening: Homeless get to shop in the clothing closet, write down all items/sizes needed for us to provide for them next time, hand out raffle tickets for money and other needs, hand out bottles of water, start worship, prayer, message, altar call, baptisms, serve dinner and eat with them, offer them an option to get off the streets by leaving with Phoenix Restoration Church and other housing organizations. 


Thursday 5:30pm - Homeless Street Outreach

Departure on the bus or in your own vehicle is at 6pm but we could use your help before departure.

4pm start preparation of food, hygiene, water, clothing etc and load the bus's 

5pm worship and prayer 

5:30pm rules and safety tips

Return 9pm

(If you want to bring kids please make sure they are 10yrs or older and stay with you at all times)


Saturday 11am - Brunch Street Outreach 

Departure on the bus or in your own vehicle is at 11am but we could use your help before we leave.

10am start preparation of food, hygiene, water, clothing etc and load the bus's 

10:45am rules, safety tips, and prayer

Return 1pm 

(Families with all ages of children are welcome as long as you keep them with you at all times)


AZ 1.27 - National Foster Care Initiative 

We partnered with AZ 1.27 by becoming a foster care church. Children need families and families need community.  We offer resources to the body of believers on how to foster, adopt, or have other support roles in the AZ's child welfare system. There are classes available to take whenever you are ready - please shoot us an email.


Other organization we work with:

Street Light USA 

Teen Challenge 


Maggies place

Andre House